East Bay

Port owned property in downtown Olympia along the waterfront, was historically used for a variety of industrial operations. Previous work with the Department of Ecology, LOTT, and the City of Olympia to remediate and redevelop portions of the East Bay waterfront have been completed. This effort resulted in the Hands on Children’s Museum and the LOTT Clean Water Alliance’s headquarters. The Port is working with the Department of Ecology to remediate the remaining portions of our downtown locations. The Port is contributing investigations of soil and groundwater contamination as well as a clean-up action plan. Once remediated, these sites will be available to be developed for mixed uses, including office, retail, commercial and hospitality. More information is available on Ecology's website: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gsp/Sitepage.aspx?csid=407

Remediation site outlined in yellow.

East Bay Remediation Site
In January 2017, the Washington Department of Ecology approved the RI/FS the Port of Olympia submitted pertaining to the remediation of the remainder of the lots comprising the East Bay Redevelopment site. These documents can be found here.