How many jobs does the Port create?
According to the 2009 Economic Impact Study, the income levels generated by the Port and its tenants equate to 3,043 direct jobs, 1,390 induced jobs, and 2,816 indirect jobs. There are a total 7,249 jobs generated by Port activity.

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1. How many jobs does the Port create?
2. How much tax money does the Port collect?
3. How does the Port use the taxes it collects?
4. What portion of the Port's operating costs are funded by taxes?
5. Are there any Ports in Washington that do not collect taxes?
6. When is the budget prepared?
7. Is the Port operating profitably?
8. Why doesn't the private sector operate the Port?
9. Will there be a time when the Port no longer needs to collect property taxes?
10. Do the Port's books comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles?
11. What is the Port's economic impact?
12. How many people work for the Port?